Struggles in the celebrity world

All people have health problems and celebrities are not an exception. Whether it is a depression, anxiety, autism or dyspraxia all are equally exposed to it. Does not matter whether you are a popular celebrity with millions of fans

or with millions of pounds in your bank account, most of the times it will not help you to fight the disorder you are facing.

In 2012 the media became aware of Stephen Fry’s fight with depression, due to this so did the public. Since then, Stephen Fry has been very open about his struggle, as a way of supporting and helping others, with books, and an online blog: Only-the-lonely. Here he writes, how through working with his psychiatrist, his mental health has improved and is now better than it has ever been. Despite his struggle with depression, he has still accomplished so much with his high IQ and career as both a comedian and actor.
Since she was a young girl, Daryl Hannah has shown signs of autism. As a child, she was shy, not particularly social and always in a dream world being uncommunicative. As she grew older she learnt of ways to deal with this and even now she is not always comfortable and is still not an extrovert, but knows how to manage through ‘being an activist has shown me that I divert my energy out into the world rather than narrowly focusing on my own fears.’ Despite being bullied as a child, taken out of school and the pressures of the public eye, Daryl Hannah has become a successful and respected actress.
Many celebrities have come out about their mental health struggles, wanting to help and support those who are also struggling. Many were young, like Demi Lovato, Zayn Malik and more recently, after her leading role in La La Land – Emma Stone. From a young age Emma would feel panicked and overwhelmed ‘my brain, naturally zooming 30 steps ahead to the worst-case scenario’, she would struggle to calm herself down and heighten situations up in her head. However, she found that through acting and being creative she could separate from these feelings, and with the help of therapy, she has been able to move forward from the anxiety and focus more on the here and now rather than worrying about the future.
Just with these 3 examples, you can see how you can overcome mental health issues and achieve your goals. Don’t let yourself live in a bubble, explore the world and see what you find.
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