Weighted toy “Bird -Tweety”


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Tweety is a weighed toy which provides weighted therapy with a comforting sensation.

Can be used as a toy or a lap pad.

Soft in touch this toy stimulates tactile senses as well as helps with relaxation, concentration, and grounding. Can be used in Montessori education and weighted therapy.

Recommended for those with sensory processing disorder, hyper active disorder, autism, and dyspraxia.

Weight: 2kg

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The weighted toy is a good tool to help with concentration, grounding and calming down. Especially useful for children with hyper active disorder or children who have problems with calming down. Can be used in Montessori education and weighted therapy.

A child can play with a toy or you can place it on the lap. Weight stimulates senses and creates a calming effect on the nervous system.

Among benefits are:
– has calming and relaxing effect;
– enhancing concentration;
– providing sensory tactile stimulation.

With its pleasure texture “Tweety” helps to stimulate proprioceptive and tactile systems and will become a favourite hugging/ keeping on the lap toy.
The “search and find” section on the belly makes the toy even more entertaining. In addition, the bunny is made from micro plush which provides pleasant tactile stimulation.

Can be used in the classroom, home or while travelling.

The toy weight is 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) and has 35 cm (13.7 inches).

Made from a micro-plush, poly beads, and wooden trinkets.


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