Weighted blanket



The weighted blanket is a magic tool to help with anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

The weight helps with grounding and creates a safe space.

Made from cotton with adjustable weight, which makes it easy to wash.

Weighted blankets should be 10% of your body weight.

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Weighted blanket is a simple tool that can help reducing anxiety, improve sleep and have calming relaxation effect.  The secret is in its ability to enhancing proprioceptive sensitivity by increasing the flow of information from the body’s receptors to the brain. Calming pressure, resembles a hug which creates deep sense of safety and security.  Such hug provides effect of grounding and gravity assurance. A person feels full control over the body in the safe environment, as a result he/she relaxes or concentrates when necessary.

Prices start from £100.

Dimensions and weight: 100×150 cm (5 kg), 150×200 cm (6 kg), 200×220 cm (7 kg).

The optimal weight (if your specialist has not advised differently) – 10% of body weight +0,5 -1 kg in the area of pressure.

We can help you to determine the optimum weight and size of blankets on the recommendation of specialists, based on the following parameters: weight and height of the child or adult who will use it.

Color: light blue.

Materials: 100% cotton, poly beads.

Can be used after 3 years old. The primary use of a blanket for children is recommended under the supervision of parents.

Care: manual or automatic washing at low temperatures.

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100×150 cm – 5 kg, 150×200 cm – 6 kg, 200x220cm – 7kg


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