Small Puzzle Ball


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Small puzzle ball is hard in touch and is a good alternative to the conventional balls. The section of the puzzle ball is easy to grasp and the child will have more entertainment while playing with it.
Inspired by Montessori education, this ball is good for the children from the early years.
Children will learn to grasp, roll, catch and throw with this easy to handle the ball.

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Small puzzle ball is a good alternative to the conventional balls.
Made from the different sections, this ball is easy to grasp and hold. It is not rolling too far away when playing with it.
Small bells which are attached to the ball create a light noise which makes the play even more entertaining.

Compare to our giant puzzle balls, this ball is made from the cotton fabric and is hard when touching.
This is made with the purpose of developing hand strength and active movement.

Can be used in cooperation with different technics for eye-hand coordination, development of fine and gross motor skills.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 cm

Orange and Green, Blue and Yellow


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