Sensory Egg “Snail house”



Sensory egg or Kiesling egg is a unique toy that helps your child to develop senses and engage active playing.

Looks like a snail house or cocoon this toy can be used as a sensory pool when putting toys or balls inside or as a place for a time to relax and dream.
The sensory egg can be used as a place for the active play or as a relaxation zone.

In addition, to all the benefits it can be used as a swing to stimulate the proprioceptive system and balance of the child.

Available in different sizes.



Sensory egg “Snail house”

This is a nice tool for your child development and sensory understanding. Using sensory egg will help to integrate three main systems of the body – proprioceptive, tactile and vestibular.

The child can get inside through the opening on the top to play or relax inside.
There are many options how to use a sensory egg “Snail house”:

– to hide in an imaginative cocoon;
– play inside or read;
– put balls inside and have a “sensory pool”;
– jump or roll around;
– climb like a snail;
– use it as a hammock.

For whom sensory egg “Snail house” can be useful:

– parents who want something new and different for their child which can develop their senses and gross motor skills;
– parents with special needs kids to improve their sensory integration and body awareness;
– professionals and occupational therapist who can use the egg for sensory therapy.

Sensory egg “Snail house” helps to work on: sensory integration; body awareness; vestibular system; emotional condition; stress relieve; hypersensitivity; phobias

Made from cotton 75%, polyester 25%; padding polyester; loop tape on the entrance.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 cm

S, M, L


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