Sensory ball



Sensory ball containing poly beads inside.

Helps to develop small motor skills, develops grasp reflexes, helps with anxiety.

Lycra texture helps with tactile stimulation, poly beads send impulses to the brain and act as a fidget, the weight helps to ground and achieve “here and now” moment.

The ball weight is approximately 250g.

Can be used at home, in the classroom and while traveling.



These beautiful colourful balls, which have poly beads inside, have amazing tactile stimulation. The sensory balls can help your child to concentrate better on the studies, reduce their stress and anxiety.

There are hundreds of ways how you can use the ball:  holding it in the hand is just one of them. This sensory toy can even improve the posture of your kid. Simply ask the child to hold the ball on the head and let him try to walk straight.

Sensory balls will be useful for:
– coordination
– fine motor skills
– concentration and attention
– understanding of the space around
– imagination
– tactile stimulation
– fantasy development
– stress relief

Made from lycra fabric and poly beads.

Weight: around 240 g.

Size: 10 cm in diameter.

Price per 1 ball.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

1, 3, 5, 10


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