6 Simple steps to prevent anxhiety

Everyone suffers from anxiety some point in their lives, normally due to factors in their lives…. What can you do to help reduce anxiety: 1. Exercise is the perfect way to escape from reality and be in your own space.  Physical activity triggers certain chemicals in your brain which alters your mood and leaves you with a more positive outcome. Exercising has many health benefits, such as improved sleep, feeling less stressed and decreasing mental fatigue, you will also find that it will give you a boost of energy, which when anxious is energy which makes you feel frustrated, but after being active you will feel more motivated, and ready to tackle life.

2. Stay positive: I am a great believer in positive thoughts equal positive outcomes. It is so easy to focus on the negative aspects of your life and spend all our free time overthinking on what could go wrong, instead of thinking rationally and focusing on the positive aspects in your life. With a positive attitude and mindset, you are more likely to accomplish your goals and move forward in the right direction.

3. Talk to Someone: Talking can help the person to think through and allow structure in the mind, talking can break down the destructive thought process which causes anxiety. Talking allows a person to make sense of what the mind is saying and it can create different perspectives. It also allows a person to speak out aloud which gives the opportunity for the person to hear themselves. It helps to understand ones thought process.

4. Eat Well: There are certain foods which actually help with anxiety; for example, foods which are high in vitamin B, antioxidants, B12 and many more. The reason for this is certain foods have been to help with insomnia which is common if you suffer from anxiety. Vitamins are always good the foods you eat which are high in vitamins will help boost your immune system and lower blood pressure especially when feeling stressed. As well as this try and avoid caffeine and alcohol as this heightens anxiety and causes panic attacks.
5. Mindfulness: Be control of your own mind and thoughts. Live in the moment, organise your thoughts, and observe them, but don’t judge them to be good or bad, just allow them to float away. Obsessing over your thoughts is a common symptom when suffering from anxiety, but the more you obsess the more you will work yourself up, turning it into a bigger problem than what it really is. It is all about being rational with yourself.

6. Perspective: Is it really as bad as you think? Whatever you are worrying about, whether it is work, studies or friends, it is probably more magnified in your head than what it is in reality. Love those who are in your life, and appreciate them, don’t dwell on the people who have passed you by, as they don’t deserve your time. Lean on the people in your life, ask them for support and be open to them giving you support. Keep faith, an open mind and an open heart.

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