Improve your focus with sensory toys

Many individuals with on the autism spectrum struggle processing everyday sensory information. This is due to this sense being over or under sensitive, affecting their behaviour. Certain toys have been 

designed to help improve prominently children’s sensory deprivation. Sensory tots are specifically made to help individuals improve their senses. It has been just over 10 years since the very popular game ‘Bop It’ was released. Even though this game is just seen as a standard game now, originally it was invented to help children focus with its auditory and rhythmic commands it requires attention. It has been found that due to this increased stimulation it decreases hyperactivity, thus individuals with autism and ADHD increase their focus, verbalisation, and body movements to seek optimal stimulation.
Sensory deprived individuals show poor concentration, disorganised thoughts, and poor visual-motor skills. Therefore, a game such as ‘Bop It’ helps calm an individual as their actively focused on one task.
There is a huge range of sensory toys in the market focusing on different areas, from relieving stress to increasing concentration and the demand for sensory toys is growing because of the success they have.

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